Coronavirus COVID-19

At Royal Supply Chain, we are taking the COVID-19 epidemic seriously. The health and safety of our families, staff and clients are our top priority, and we are doing everything we can to ensure the proper precautions are in place to minimize its impact. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely, and are taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe during this time. We are also committed to serving our contracts, shippers and receivers during this time.

  • We support our employees’ right to keep themselves safe: all employees will be given new laptops and all necessary tools required for them to work from home;
  • All employees will be required to wear protective masks while at work;
  • We continue to maintain capacity for all incoming/outgoing shipments and there have been very few delays in on-time delivery;
  • Border delays are expected and therefore we will be asking receivers and shippers to help us and our drivers with some flexibility so that we can ensure uninterrupted delivery;

Regarding Food Supply:

Despite empty shelves at grocery stores, we have first-hand knowledge that food imports will not be restricted. We also know that our customers are continuing to order product from the US. There will be food on the shelves.

We support stockpiling food in case the situation becomes further exacerbated however, we do ask that people respect that ALL families have to eat and live and therefore ask that people DO NOT HOARD and be mindful of everyone’s situation.

Stay safe and healthy,

Royal Supply Chain Management