Five Major Benefits of Expedited Freight Shipping

According to Statista, the number of online buyers worldwide is expected to reach 2.14 billion by 2021. And with consumers now being able to purchase practically anything from anywhere at any time, they do not want to have long wait periods between ordering an item and receiving it. To satisfy consumers’ increasing need for instant gratification, more and more businesses that have traditionally had their own fleets are now turning to freight companies that can offer expedited shipping. 

….And for good reason.

There are many benefits to using expedited freight shipping.

1. More time to focus on core competencies. 

We get it. Shipping goods to your clients is an essential part of your business, but the time that you spend focusing on shipping is time that you don’t spend focusing on innovation, marketing, and all the other activities that help differentiate you from your competition. If you are spending too much time and resources on shipping, it is time to consider partnering with a freight company that can help shoulder that part of your business – while you focus on the core competencies that will help your company grow and become more profitable. 

2. Lower your costs.

Not all businesses need full-time delivery drivers. Depending on your company, you could actually end up saving quite a bit of money by outsourcing your shipping. Outsourcing your shipping can also improve the scalability of your business and save you logistical hassles that can happen around peak times such as holidays.

3. Faster delivery times.

As mentioned earlier, today’s customers don’t want to have to wait very long to receive their orders. And some items may be time sensitive. Because freight companies are experts in logistics, they can determine the most efficient way to get deliveries to your customers. 

4. Scale your business more quickly.

If you are looking to increase your sales (and really, what business isn’t?), working with a freight company that offers expedited shipping can help you do that. As your business grows, there will be no need to ask yourself whether you can afford to increase your fleet size or hire more drivers since all of that will be outsourced. 

Furthermore, if you wish to scale internationally, working with a reputable freight company gives you the added advantage of already having an international network in place – not to mention the experts who can help you navigate the various logistical and regulatory issues surrounding import and export. 

5. Provide a better customer experience. 

Perhaps the most important benefit of expedited freight shipping is that it will allow you to provide a better experience to their customers. Not only will they receive their deliveries more quickly, but since you are able to save on costs you may be able to pass some of that cost saving on to your customers. Additionally, the time and resources that you save may allow you to improve your products or offer new innovative ones. All of these factors combine and result in more satisfied customers. 

Expedited freight shipping can provide tremendous benefits to any business that ships items to their customers, but to take full advantage of these benefits, it is important to partner with the right freight company. For more information on how Royal Canadian Supply Chain can help your company, call us today.