Introducing our white glove service

Have you ever been fortunate enough to enjoy a meal at a fine five-star restaurant? Or have you ever experienced the first-class treatment of an exclusive spa or resort. Every little detail matters, and everything is executed to the highest standard. This is white glove service, and in many cases those who serve you literally wear white gloves.

But how does this apply to shipping and logistics? Believe it or not, here at Royal Supply Chain we also offer white glove service to our customers.

Standard service may be fine for certain items and in certain situations, but when you are shipping something that is particularly rare, expensive, fragile, or urgent, you’ll be happy you chose our white glove service. Examples of items that have been shipped through us using this service include fine art, medical devices, and tradeshow displays.

Here are a few things that define our white glove service:

Complete tracking:

Wondering where your shipment is now? RSC uses web-based tracking software that allows you to track your shipment from your home computer, phone or tablet.

From our hands to your recipient’s hands:

Standard couriers may simply drop a package off at your doorstep. This is not what you want when shipping valuable or important items. After all, we all know of someone who has had a package stolen this way by so-called “porch pirates”.

With our white glove service, our commitment to you doesn’t end until your shipment is safely signed for and in the recipient’s hands.

Handled with care:

When shipping an item like a piece of fine art to a local museum or collector, one can’t treat it the same way they would treat say, office supplies. Those velvet ropes that art galleries have in front of their paintings are there for a reason! Whether you are shipping a Rembrandt or a prototype for a flying car, you need a logistics company that knows how to ensure these items reach their destinations safely. And yes, sometimes this literally means wearing white gloves to avoid damaging the shipment.

The highest level of customer service:

Just like the maitre d’ at a fine restaurant, the delivery agents who handle white glove service deliveries offer the highest level of customer service. They are punctual, well-mannered, professionally dressed and are able to follow any special delivery instructions they are given.

What products can be shipped with white glove service?

While we have been focussing so far on items that are expensive, rare or fragile, white glove service can be used to ship literally anything that you want to have special care. Items like major appliances or furniture, while they may or may not be super expensive, are definitely something you wouldn’t like to have dropped on your front porch and left! Other smaller items – say a new fishing pole or cashmere sweater – may not require special handling during transport, but you still might want white glove service to ensure that your customer receives them without incident.

If you are ready to take your shipping to the next level, then talk to us today about how to best incorporate our white glove service into your business operations.