Top Tips for Overnight Delivery

If you work in an industry where goods need to be shipped at the last minute and arrive at the right destination the very next morning then you likely understand how stressful it can be to find a reliable overnight shipping company. There is always the fear that if you choose overnight shipping it won’t actually arrive the next day, and then your customer is disappointed that you haven’t met the expected delivery. Unfortunately, once you drop your package off with a courier you are sometimes running on their schedule, so here’s what you need to know about overnight shipping to give you some peace of mind. 

Standard Options

If you are shipping a package within the province you live in, then typically overnight/next day delivery is standard with major courier companies. For this service, there may be cut off times to ensure the delivery gets on the right truck on time but generally speaking, ground service for next day delivery can be expected. When speaking with your preferred carrier, you’ll want to double check exactly what their shipping policies are and ask what kind of guarantees they make. 

Check the Fees

Some shipping companies offer their best prices to those who ship a large volume of parcels consistently, but that doesn’t mean you should have to pay the highest price if you don’t ship parcels all the time. Before you select your courier, there isn’t any harm in shopping around to find the best guaranty for you. 

Ground vs. Express Delivery 

If the parcel you are sending needs to go to a different province or country, then you’ll likely have to select what is known as Express Shipping. When it comes to express shipments, the parcels are placed on planes instead of trucks to make sure they get to their destination on time. There will probably be cut off times – like ground shipments – to make sure the packages get on the plane on time. Couriers that operate planes to transport shipments will probably charge more because it costs more to send a parcel on a plane than a truck, but there aren’t any other feasible options for out of province or out of country overnight shipping. When it comes to overnight shipping out of province, be prepared to pay more no matter which courier you choose. 

Guaranteed Service

This service is offered by a majority of large courier companies, and it promises delivery of your parcel by a specified time or they will refund your money. When dealing with your customers, if their shipment is truly time sensitive this might be a valid option to select and may be worth the additional charge. If the delivery is not time sensitive, the extra charge might not make sense, and ground or express delivery might be sufficient. 

When it comes to shipping packages and parcels to your customers, it’s very important to weigh the priority of the package. Sometimes paying that little extra so your customer gets their order sooner is worth it to make them happy, and make sure they continue working with you. Overall, weigh your options and make sure you’re choosing a courier service that meets your needs and you’re comfortable with their guarantees. 

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