Royal Supply Chain - Choosing The Right Shipping Method for Your Item

Choosing The Right Shipping Method for Your Item

There are many different types of items, quantities and reasons to ship and there are several considerations that must be looked into when determining the best method to ship your item. Careful evaluation will determine the best solution and the most appropriate method of shipping.

MAIN FACTORS – There are 5 main factors that determine the best methods for shipping an item

1.  The geographic location that your item will be sent to.

2.  Distance.

3.  Budget restraints.

4.  Schedules and deadlines

5.  Types of loads being shipped

SHIPPING BY TRUCK – Shipping by truck is one of the most widely used methods of shipping in the world.  This method can work perfectly if it fits within your time sensitivity requirements and budget.  Shipping by truck can be the primary way of shipping but it can also be used in conjunction with other methods of shipping such as  the delivery of items to ports for loading of the items for delivery overseas by ship.

A truckload can be a partial load and is usually 1-12 skid spots. Tandem trucks can hold upwards of 42000 lbs.

SHIPPING BY SEA – This method is mainly used when the final destination is an international destination.  Most often these shipments are large loads.  This type of shipping is very economical as long as the shipment does not require fast shipping.  This method is good for shipping any type of item including liquids, dry goods and perishables.  Loads are packaged and secured in freight containers to provide ultimate security for the items being shipped.

SHIPPING BY RAIL – Global shipping can also include shipping by rail.  Shipping by rail is part of the global shipping chain because the items can be shipped by rail to end up at a cargo ship or plane.  It is recommended that the loads be in containers when shipped by rail.  Rail shipping can include refrigeration so perishable goods can be shipped using this method.  Liquids can also be shipped using this method by using tank cars.

SHIPPING BY AIR – If you are shipping items that are time-sensitive and have quick deadlines then shipping by air is your best option if the shipment is going to a global destination.  Shipping by air allows for strict inventory control, you will have inexpensive warehousing and insurance costs remain low.  Shipping by air is more expensive than other methods because it is much quicker.

There are several considerations when choosing your shipping method.  The experts at Royal Supply Chain are experienced and knowledgeable and can help you determine which method is best.  We will work with our customers to find the best solution for any shipping needs.  Contact us today for more information.