RSC – The Importance of Packaging in Logistics

The Importance of Packaging in Logistics

Logistics and transport packaging is something that most people don’t give a lot of thought to. After all, it’s the product that’s important right? Well, the product is indeed important but the packaging is also important because it serves the product. 

Here are a few reasons why packaging is so important in logistics:

1. Avoid Delays Due to Non-Compliance

Depending on what you are shipping and where you are shipping it to, there may well be regulatory issues you will need to consider with your logistics packaging. For example, if you are shipping to the EU, there are some very strict guidelines when it comes to transporting palletized items and if you do not meet their standards, your shipment will most likely get held up at customs. It may even get rejected at the point of entry.

Especially if you are shipping internationally, you need to be aware of packaging compliance issues. 

2. Makes Transportation Easier

There are many items that would be very difficult to transport without the right packaging. Think of something as common as construction screws. Could you imagine trying to transport these without first putting them in some kind of box or container? 

The right packaging allows you to transport your goods most conveniently.  

3. Protects Your Goods

Products that become damaged or marked during transport are expensive. Not only do you lose the cost of the item itself and the money you paid to transport it, but you may also have to send a replacement. Even worse, if this happens too frequently it could cost you customers or damage your professional reputation. 

Logistics packaging helps to ensure that your items arrive undamaged at their end location, saving you time and money. 

4. Provides Important Information

Logistics packaging also provides important information to those transporting your items as well as to the end customer. Some of the information may be as simple as “fragile” or “this side up” but other information can be more detailed such as instructions to store the item at the certain temperature or detailed handling instructions. 

5. Makes Storage More Convenient 

Will your items be spending some time in a warehouse or storage facility at some point between their initial shipping and their end customer? If so, having the right packaging helps to make storage much easier. 

No matter the shape of your product, the right packaging can make it easy to store the product on shelving or pallets. 

6. Helps Sell Your Products

Did you know that your packaging can be a sales tool? By selecting retail-ready packaging, it means that your products arrive at the retailer ready to be displayed on store shelves. Packaging that is designed with your colours, graphics, and brand help to attract customers’ attention and may result in increased sales for you. 

Having the right logistics packaging can be a huge benefit to your company. If you have questions or would like help in selecting the right packaging for your products, contact us today.