Royal Supply Chain offers a diverse group of services. Our logistics professionals know all the requirements to move loads containing perishables to oversize shipments requiring special permits. We are here to provide solutions to all your logistical roadblocks that may be preventing you from not realizing the full potential of your distribution network.


Diversification provides customers with an easier means to obtain solutions for various logistical situations. Royal Supply Chain has a vast carrier and partner network that allows us to provide customers with immediate and informed solutions. We can move your freight with equipment to maintain specific temperatures to accommodate perishable commodities. Florals and produce have become a large portion of our business and we can continue to move freight on the road, and over the rail via traditional means.


Royal Supply Chain has created a specific EXPEDITED division that focuses solely on moving freight to meet these time-sensitive demands. Royal Supply Chain ships via air or can provide teams of drivers that ensure that freight arrives at its destination on time. We ONLY contract the most reliable carriers with whom we've partnered with in the past that we know are capable of meeting these specialized conditions.


Royal Supply Chain has the contacts and relationships to effectively manage even the most logistically challenging shipments. From flatbed loads to oversize shipments, to refrigerated air freight, feel secure knowing that we will get the job done right. Let us know what you are shipping and one of our logistics professionals will follow up immediately to ensure we obtain the correct and crucial information.

Our Services

In addition to the services listed above, Royal Supply Chain can also offer your business a wide range of value-added services, along with a well-established global network of partnerships. Available around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Royal Supply Chain is always ready to work for you and meet your needs.

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  • Warehouse
  • Distribution


Offering a 100 percent customer service guarantee ensures the safe and timely delivery of your product to its final destination. Our team is composed of professionals with extensive industry experience who are devoted to the needs of the customer.


Using trusted methods such as road, rail, air and ocean, Royal Supply Chain can match solutions to your requirements. Royal has become a leader in the transportation of perishable products. After many years developing its dry freight business, Royal Supply Chain knew it was imperative to its growth that it begins to expand its service offering beyond its traditional services. With hard work, we are proud to say we have successfully transformed our organization into a diverse service provider capable of managing all types of freight solutions. From overnight expedited to rail transport, Royal Supply Chain can provide the right solution.


With several trusted warehouse partners and over one million square feet of available warehouse space, Royal Supply Chain is a great choice to help manage complex business requirements. Regardless of the shape of your freight, we have a solution for you. We want to ensure you have peace of mind knowing that your freight is secure in a fully monitored facility.


Let Royal Supply Chain be your trusted ally and partner ensuring the safe and on time delivery of your product. Regardless of your customer, we are confident we will impress your vendors, customers and other partners. Through consolidation and strategic logistics planning, Royal Supply Chain will act as a liaison between your business and your customer. We will strategically represent you and be the face of your organization. Royal Supply Chian will, without fail, ensure your customers receive the royal treatment.


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